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12 january 2017, 19:52

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Hotels for animals Veterinary clinic Madagascar carries out the keeping of dogs and cats in our pet hotel. In the summer holiday season many people are tormented by the question where to attach your four-legged friend Will friends and relatives take good care of her What to do in such a situation Not to cancel the business trip or vacation for your beloved pet. Good conditions There is a way you can now leave a pet in our hotel. There are all conditions for comfortable stay of dogs and cats. Around the clock they will be under the supervision of experienced veterinarians. We are people who love animals so attention love and care your pet secured. The main advantages of our hotel Our pet hotel is always clean, cozy and comfortable. All rooms dezinficiruyusch therefore, hygienic conditions are the same as in the hospital wards. Before arrival all animals undergo veterinary inspection. Sick Pets do not come into contact with animals on the overexposure. As for the food it can be at your request, we will feed the animal any special food or the usual home meal. The care of sick animals Our clinic also provides services for stationary content of sick animals. For example, if your pet had an operation or he needs round the clock care, our veterinarians will take care of him. All treatments prescribed by doctor will be performed on time. Animal undergoing surgery need special care and feeding regime. For pet will be specially selected medical foods which will accelerate his recovery. Photos of our hotels for animals The cost of hotel services for animals one animal in the night, including two meals a day dry

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